4 Ways Unethical SEO Services Mislead Site Owners

4 Ways Unethical SEO Services Mislead Site Owners

Search engine optimization services are not all the same, and many site owners understand some of the common differences between them. However, there are some site owners who do unfortunately lack a bit of experience. They perceive that an SEO campaign could make their firm much more visible online, but they are not yet aware of some of the basic concepts which SEO involves dealing with. This can be a sizeable problem because site owners can be taken advantage of by unscrupulous SEO outfits. These black hat firms do not stick to the ethical guidelines established and enforced by major search engines such as Google.

Unethical SEO firms can be detected in a plethora of diverse ways. The normal thing to do is to see what the content on a site actually says. Black hat firms are rarely very subtle and they tend to make quite simplistic arguments. Their content does not often engage properly with SEO issues. The following list is not exhaustive but it may be of some practical use.

Unethical SEO practitioners often maintain that search engine optimization is a straightforward process. Sometimes they claim possession of a formula that provides simple access to very impressive results. It is necessary to get ahead in SEO, but there is no formula to assist a campaign and the processes involved are actually complicated and always changing. Black hat firms state that SEO is not difficult because they want to obtain money as easily as possible.

Another feature of typical content which is displayed on a black hat SEO site is the idea that optimization can bring rapid positive outcomes. Once again, the less ethical part of the SEO community is trying to get a quick sale by being deceptive about the facts. Black hat methods such as link purchasing or keyword stuffing may give a site a quick boost in the search engine results pages but they almost end up disastrously. The content on a black hat site rarely mentions the risk of search engine penalties.

Unethical SEO teams rarely say that results could be anything less than excellent. They do not want a site owner to reflect on the fact that black hat methods may damage the trust visitors have in a site. This means that there is often a great gap between promises and realistic expectations. If Google finds duplicate content on a site, if they can see an example of cloaking, or if they observe blatant keyword stuffing, then your site will be penalized.

In short, a black hat SEO company tends to tell site owners what they would like to hear. It is a shame that their deeds cannot match their words.

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