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Reasons To Switch To Linux VPS Hosting

When you find that the resources that shared hosting plans are offering you are not enough to handle the web traffic you are getting on the site, it may be a better idea to switch to VPS hosting plans. In VPS hosting, there is a single server which is partitioned to produce multiple servers. Each of these virtual servers is capable of functioning independently. They can run their own version of the operating system; users also enjoy complete root access to the server which offers them greater control over computing resources. As such, the VPS hosting solutions work like a middle ground between dedicated hosting and shared hosting. Users switching to this type of hosting can enjoy almost all features of a dedicated server minus the huge costs. This explains why VPS hosting is considered to be the bridge between shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

Who can benefit from Linux VPS hosting?

VPS hosting, whether you choose Linux VPS hosting or Windows VPS hosting, is ideally suited for small and medium sized businesses that have outgrown resources from shared hosting plans but do not have the funds or technical knowhow to run dedicated servers. Linux VPS offers them a unique opportunity to get their feet wet before assuming the responsibilities of dedicated hosting. Another reason why Linux VPS hosting may turn out to be a preferred solution for many enterprises is because Linux is an open source platform which makes it more economical. Those businesses which are looking for a higher degree of scalability than what shared hosting plans can offer them should buy Linux VPS hosting plans. These hosting solutions enable users to enjoy additional resources depending on the demands of traffic. This ensures that when there are traffic spikes during certain times of the year, the website does not slow down.

Reasons to choose Linux VPS hosting:

While both Windows and Linux VPS hosting are equally popular amongst users, there are some distinct advantages which Linux plans can offer.

  • To begin with, Linux is an open source platform; it is free as far as installation is concerned because there are no licensing fees as in Windows. This makes Linux VPS plans far cheaper in comparison to Windows VPS hosting plans.
  • When you choose Linux VPS plans, you can enjoy guaranteed resource allocation to your account. This means that your account will never be affected by activities of other users on the same platform, something which is predominant in shared hosting and reseller hosting.
  • Linux VPS hosting will also guarantee far superior website performance because you enjoy complete control over the server; with root access, you can control resources allocation and usage. Users are free to reboot or restart the server if required and to set up software and other applications which may benefit their businesses. Users can also tweak the server settings to their advantage.
  • Linux VPS plans are also reliable and stable because the providers can guarantee a higher network uptime. Besides, you can enjoy a high degree of technical support from their IT teams so that you do not have to worry about latency issues.
  • Linux VPS hosting plans can also work seamlessly with open source languages like PHP and with open source applications that may benefit your business. If you are looking for a user-friendly control panel, you may find Linux VPS plans more attractive. It enjoys SSH access which ensures that the server load is also less compared to Windows; this indirectly assures better control for users.                                      Linux VPS Hosting
  • Data loss is not a cause for concern when you choose Linux VPS hosting plans. The servers are absolutely secure and you can be confident that the data will not get lost or misplaced because of virus attacks and other malware. Linux servers are also equipped to offer effective backup provisions for immediate data retrieval.
  • Linux VPS hosting plans are easy to implement and install. Users can also incorporate add-ons or other tools depending on their requirements. The set-up process is fast because of better virtualization and clustering techniques. There are also multiple options to rectify when your OS must be reinstalled.

These are some of the key benefits which users can enjoy when they decide to opt for Linux VPS hosting solutions. While most users may be familiar with the Windows technology, more and more people are turning towards Linux because it is a budget-friendly alternative. Linux also guarantees more flexibility, control and functionality. Linux is also known for offering multi-tenancy; this implies that users are free to provide different kinds of resources like email accounts and web space to their clients. Modifying the server or allocating bandwidth and server space is easy with Linux. So, for the best hosting plans, Linux hosting is highly recommended because of its cost-effectiveness and functionality. You will not have to bother with any licensing issues and you can end up saving a lot of money compared to other hosting services that are currently available in the market. It is completely secure and reliable; however, you should check for client feedbacks online before signing up for these plans with any provider.

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