SEO Techniques Which Can Be A Setback For Your Website

In a bid to make their content as well brand more visible on search engines many independent bloggers as well as companies are taking the help of search engine optimization techniques to be on top of the ranking charts , these techniques prove to be effective in giving a boost to the ranking and visibility of a website if done correctly but there certain techniques which can be a huge set back in bringing down the ranking as well reputation of your website and these are often referred to as black hat techniques.

With Google becoming more and more specific about the restriction of unauthorized techniques being used to generate traffic and ranking techniques such a cloaking which essentially refers to the act of showing a different content website and redirecting to a different landing page are now detected through Google panda and penguin algorithms which are created specifically for targeting malfunctioned content.

There are various techniques which can give instant success but in the long run prove to be fatal for your website. The traditional techniques such as keyword stuffing which use to work as an asset has now turned out to be a liability as it is the indicator of spam and poor quality content which Google is not a fan of . One of the most important determinants in the algorithm of ranking would be your links which acquire a mighty 80% share in determining the ranking and something that can be bought but Google penguin is able to detect them and that would not only cost you the ranking but your website can end up being banned by Google, therefore it might look like the obvious choice to take the top spot but in the long run these techniques would push your website into the unknown.

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