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The Importance of a Focussed Approach to Creating Point of Sale Displays and How Simple Changes Could Help Maximise Potential

There is no denying that point-of-sale displays are effective in maximizing customer spending and even in promoting general customer loyalty. However, whilst almost all point-of-sale displays will be effective, some will be far more so than others, and the more focussed you are on choosing the right products to place near to your points of sale and the right tools to help you display these products effectively, the more likely you are to see long-term positive results and a great deal of extra profit. 

Appealing To Your Customers 

Point-of-sale displays capitalize on our impulsive nature, and our innate boredom whilst waiting in queues. This is why so many retailers will put confectionary near their tills, being well aware that resisting temptation is easy if you just walk on by, but knowing that it is far less easy to resist that temptation if it happens to be staring you in the face whilst you wait to pay. 

As such, the products you place near points of sale should have a universal appeal, be fairly low cost (or be a very good special offer), and be easy to pick up. If a customer has their hands full, massive products may not be all that appealing as they may struggle to hold them. Smaller, cheaper items will therefore be appealing in numerous different ways. 

Another aspect to consider here is how accessible your point-of-sale items are. If they are out of reach or if getting such a product will be too fiddly, customer services will be far less likely to pick them up. Not only will ease be of the essence, but if a product may be tricky to get at, people may simply feel self-conscious trying to pick the item up with many other people around them. 

Arranging Your Displays 

The way you arrange a point of sales display will be vital. Not only will you need to ensure that the items you are selling are easily accessible, but also that the displays are not too cluttered. Not only will cleaner and tidier displays more easily draw the eye, but a tidy space will also make the products appear to have more prestige. If there are thousands of the same product all crammed into one space it will seem as though you are desperate to get rid of them rather than it appearing as if you are doing your customers a favor by offering a great deal.

 It is also worth looking for point of sale display stands that are slightly novel or unusual. For those selling costly goods, this is even more important as high-cost items will need to seem particularly appealing if they are going to be bought on impulse. No matter whether you are selling extremely cheap goods or more expensive ones that will simply have that universal appeal, the more unique your display looks, the more likely it is that your customers will show interest.

 Finally, change your displays frequently. Regular customers are unlikely to make the same impulse buys time and time again, so give them chance to buy something new on impulse every time they visit your premises.

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